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Training and Educational Services

Knowledge is defined as expertise and skills acquired by a person through experience or education. Knowledge is vitally important for the successful specification and application of high performance roof and coating systems. Experience and training can make the difference between success and failure, because no matter the quality of the products used, they must be correctly specified and properly applied to attain maximum performance.


Ultimately, the prime beneficiary of educational and training programs is the project owner. Through an educated specifier the owner will get the most technologically advanced products. A trained applicator will provide competent workmen and superior workmanship. When it all comes together, and the job is specified and applied correctly, the result will be superior long term performance.


Training and educational programs also help keep Acrymax informed. From architects and specifiers, we learn about the unique design challenges they face, and from applicators, we learn about practical issues regarding application. We fully expect to be educated by the student and trained by the trainee! Information sharing is critical to the advancement of the industry and to adding value to the solutions that we offer to our mutual customers.


Applicator Training

The construction industry is moving towards a skilled workforce through increased training. The best roofing and coating contractors know that a workforce with superior skills and qualifications delivers higher quality and more cost-efficient work. This gives them a competitive advantage and adds value for their customers. Acrymax applicator training programs are designed to help roof contractors and coating applicators improve their workforce and to share knowledge that will result in the safe and effective application of our coatings and coating systems. Some of the topics covered in our training programs include:

• Product Overview – Coatings

• Systems Overview - Roofing

• Application Techniques

• Weather Conditions

• Safety – MSDS

• Determining Material Requirements


Acrymax offers on-site assessment and “hands-on” training for roofing and painting contractors and other applicators of our products. We also offer periodic training sessions at our Media location. Contact us for more information.


Architectural Continuing Education

Staying abreast of the current state of materials including advances in coating technology is necessary to stay competitive, but more important it is the only way that you can serve your clients effectively. Acrymax offers lunch and learn sessions for architects and specifiers that include the following topics:

• High Performance Coating Systems

• Sustainable Coatings

• Fluid Applied Roof Systems


Continuing to Learn

Training is ongoing. Acrymax offers new products, develops new techniques, and learns from our experiences and the experiences of our partners. We are committed to continuous process improvement in an ongoing effort to offer the very best solutions to our customers. Communication is critical so feel free to let us know how we can help you. Contact us and join us in learning together!