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Technical Support

Our technical staff provides expert technical support in the design, use, and application of elastomeric and protective coatings for a wide range of applications. For technical support regarding our products e-mail us at or call us at 800-553-0523.


We also provide Technical Bulletins and Technical Articles that are listed below. These technical publications cover our products and various topics in the coatings, roofing, and construction fields. We will continue to add to these Bulletins and Articles and encourage you to come back often to review the information available.


Acrymax Technical Bulletins (ATB)

Acrymax Technical Bulletins provide in depth technical information on a specific topic related to the use or application of Acrymax products.


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Acrymax Technical Articles (ATA)

Acrymax Technical Articles are more general in nature and cover topics related to coatings, roofing, and other similar subjects.


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Acrymax Technical Bulletins (ATB)
ATB-101 Weather Conditions for Applying Waterborne Coatings
ATB-102 Coating Application Equipment
ATB-103 General Coating Preparation Guidelines
ATB-104 Coating Adhesion Tests


Acrymax Technical Articles (ATA)
ATA-101 Protective Coatings – Types & Mechanisms for Corrosion Control

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