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Acrymax provides a standard product warranty on all of our coating materials. We also offer leak free material warranties on our roof coatings, complete roof membrane system warranties, and roof warranty extensions. Roof projects must be pre-approved to qualify for roof membrane system warranties.

Inspection Services

Acrymax offers various inspection services to our clients. Project inspections can be done to determine the suitability of a specific project for an Acrymax roofing or coating system. Inspections are also done to insure proper application of our roof and coating systems. These inspections may include verification of proper preparation, interim and progress inspections, and final inspections of the completed project.

Technical Support

Technical support is critical to successful coating and roofing applications. Our experience extends over 5 decades and we can provide the answers you need to solve difficult problems. We have specialized in elastomeric coating systems since 1951 and have a wealth of experience to offer our clients. In the architectural market our trained staff will work closely with anyone using our roofing or coating systems to insure that they meet all specification requirements and provide the performance that you need.


Acrymax offers comprehensive training sessions that cover the proper specification and use of our products. Learn about the newest coatings technology and the best application techniques. Training is conducted from time to time at various locations including our facility in Media, PA. Training sessions can also be conducted at your place of business or at a specific project site.


Custom Formulations

Acrymax has over 55 years of experience in the formulation and manufacture of coating systems. We specialize in elastomeric materials and have developed customized solutions for a wide range of applications. Acrymax can work with you to formulate a custom coating system to meet your specific requirements