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Acrymax Roofing Systems that Work for You

A roof protects you from the elements. But what protects your roof from those same elements? If the answer is anything but an Acrymax elastomeric roof coating system, then you might be the one who ends up getting wet.


Acrymax high-performance waterborne coatings and liquid acrylic roofing systems have been perfected for more than half a century. These products provide both moisture and thermal protection, ENERGY STAR®-certified efficiency, extreme durability, and cool roofing solutions on virtually any surface, for any job, and for every application.


Acrymax Technologies Inc. has manufactured elastomeric coating systems for more than 50 years, providing proven performance from the one source for any and all of your roofing needs. Whether it’s industrial roofing, schools, commercial roofing projects, historic roof restoration, roof maintenance, roof waterproofing, repairing roof leaks, installing an ENERGY STAR® reflective roof system or any other kind of protective coating, Acrymax can provide the perfect solution for your commercial or residential roofing needs.  




• ARS-1 Fully Reinforced Roof Membrane Systems: The premier systems offered by Acrymax are fully reinforced composite membranes that offer the best in fluid-applied roofing technology. The composite membranes created by combining Acrymax elastomeric coatings with high strength reinforcement offer exceptional durability and performance. They are versatile roof systems that can be used to recover virtually any type of roof including built-up asphalt roofing, EPDM, modified bitumen, metal, plywood, concrete, roof board, and single-ply membranes. By combining various elastomeric coatings with a variety of reinforcing fabrics, our fully reinforced roofing systems provide unparalleled durability and can be fully adhered to nearly any material.

• ARS-2 Partially Reinforced Roof Systems: With our partially reinforced roofing systems, our fluid-applied elastomeric coating is used on all areas of the roof, while reinforcing fabric is applied to the most critical areas.

• ARS-3 Protective Coating Systems: Your problem may be solved simply with our elastomeric roof coatings, which offer reflective properties, protect surfaces from UV damage, and give the roof a freshly painted look in a wide variety of architectural colors.




Coatings for a Wide Variety of Surfaces

Whether your problem requires a fully reinforced roof system, a partially reinforced roof system, or just a few layers of our elastomeric coatings, we can adapt it to cover nearly any surface under the sun.


We offer metal roof coatings, coatings for single-ply membranes, concrete coatings, waterproof masonry coatings, and coatings for existing asphalt or cold process roofing applications.


In addition to our polymer roofing, and elastomeric roof coatings, Acrymax also offers architectural coatings, wall coatings, and countless other solutions. Contact Acrymax today and let us put a solid roof over your head.




As an industry leader in elastomeric acrylic roof coatings and reflective cool roofing systems, Acrymax not only manufactures a wide variety of coating products, but also offers unmatched service and exceptional support to all types of customers. Whether you need one of our ENERGY STAR®-roof coatings or systems, a solution for historic roofing restoration, or any of our other high performance waterborne coatings, you are guaranteed a level of customer service that is unmatched in the coating and construction industry. Acrymax specialists and engineers are available for basic questions, project recommendations, and even on-site inspections. From metal and cold process asphalt roof coatings, to waterproof masonry and concrete coatings, roofing paint, architectural coating systems, and other polymer roofing and protective coating systems, Acrymax is there to offer unparalleled support.