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Acrymax Roofing Coating Systems

Roof coating systems have advanced considerably since the advent of new materials with new levels of performance.  Acrymax is a leading provider for liquid acrylic roofing systems in the Mid-Atlantic region, offering superior strength, flexibility, stability, durability, adhesion and protection. With a wide range of colors and textures, along with the use of environmentally conscious methods, Acrymax stands out in the industry. Here’s how we do it.

Any liquid acrylic roofing system begins with chemistry. All coatings and paints are made of binders, pigments, additives, and solvents. Acrymax begins with the finest raw materials and has the expertise to develop materials with improved performance and aesthetic properties.  An elastomeric roof coating is made with polymers to create a monolithic, elastic, fluid-applied surface that can be used in a number of different conditions. Whether you need roof coating systems for a new built up roof, a concrete roof, or if you need to repair an existing roof with a simple application, Acrymax has the right material for you.

Acrymax makes roof coatings that have improved aesthetic and environmental properties as well. We carry a wide range of different colors to match existing roof colors or offer new design opportunities, and textured coatings can hide imperfections to create a seamless look. Beyond aesthetic considerations, IR reflective pigments and non-skid properties in our elastomeric roof coating make our materials less susceptible to wear and tear, and offer easier, safer access for repair and maintenance.

‘Cool Roofing’ has become a vitally important environmental trend in new roof coating systems. Now pigments which drastically reduce heat gain can be used to keep energy costs low and prevent overheating. Acrymax is also committed to making pigments and coatings without the use of traditional solvents in favor of waterborne solvents for a reduced environmental impact.
Since 1951, Acrymax has been a leader in the industry, providing new products with greater performance, flexibility, and beauty, all at a competitive price. Find out how Acrymax can help you protect your roof with the latest advances in a liquid acrylic roofing system.







As an industry leader in elastomeric acrylic roof coatings and reflective cool roofing systems, Acrymax not only manufactures a wide variety of coating products, but also offers unmatched service and exceptional support to all types of customers. Whether you need one of our ENERGY STAR®-roof coatings or systems, a solution for historic roofing restoration, or any of our other high performance waterborne coatings, you are guaranteed a level of customer service that is unmatched in the coating and construction industry. Acrymax specialists and engineers are available for basic questions, project recommendations, and even on-site inspections. From metal and cold process asphalt roof coatings, to waterproof masonry and concrete coatings, roofing paint, architectural coating systems, and other polymer roofing and protective coating systems, Acrymax is there to offer unparalleled support.