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Fluid Applied Roof Systems for Metal Roofs

Metal roofs often require frequent roof maintenance to repair roof leaks. Harsh weather conditions cause corrosion that is both unsightly and destructive. But with Acrymax high-performance waterborne elastomeric coatings and liquid acrylic roofing systems, your metal roof will require less maintenance thanks to unparalleled moisture and thermal protection combined with protection from corrosion. Additionally, our coatings will save you money on energy bills thanks to reflective cool roofing technology.


Acrymax has been at the forefront of the roofing industry for more than five decades, and continues to develop and provide protective roof systems and architectural coatings for a wide variety of applications. For stopping roof leaks, and to provide a weatherproof system, our partially reinforced systems combine reinforcing roof fabric at roof seams and other vulnerable areas to create an exceptionally durable elastomeric roof membrane system. For those looking to protect and maintain a metal roof our protective coating systems guard against corrosion and can provide architectural color or a reflective cool roof coating.


Partially Reinforced Membrane Systems: Acrymax currently offers three variations of partially reinforced roof coating systems for metal roofs. The ARS-2-M15 system has an average thickness of 15 mils on the field of the roof and 40 on the reinforced areas, while the ARS-2-M20 system averages 20 mils on the field and 45 on reinforced sections. Adding an additional finish coat of extra-durable, high-strength Acrymax AF-130XT elastomeric coating, and you have the ARS-2-M25XT system, which averages 25 mils in thickness on the field of the roof and 50 mils on reinforced sections.

Coating-Only Systems: Acrymax’s ARS-3-M15 elastomeric roof coating system is designed as a reflective cool roof coating system to save money on energy bills, as a general maintenance coating, or as a color coating to provide a freshly painted look for architectural or aesthetic purposes. This system provides an average thickness of 15 mils and creates a monolithic roof covering with unmatched durability and weatherability.




If you’re covering something other than a metal roof, Acrymax is still your source for a solution. We have been covering nearly any surface under the sun for more than 50 years, including asphalt roofs, modified bitumen roofs, concrete roofs, historic roofs, and single-ply roofs. And we offer products to coat more than just roofs, like architectural coatings, waterproof masonry coatings, concrete coatings, and specialty products for use in the marine and aerospace industries. Contact Acrymax today for all your roofing and elastomeric coating needs.


Roofing Systems for Metal Roofs


Acrymax specializes in fluid applied elastomeric roof coatings, and other types of protective coatings and roofing systems for construction projects of all shapes and sizes. But we also develop custom coatings for even the most unique OEM applications, including fluoroelastomer coatings, neoprene coatings, and urethane and epoxy coatings. Acrymax has even created sealants used on the Trident nuclear submarines and protective coatings for the NASA Space Shuttle, among other specialty applications.