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Protective Maintenance Paints and Coatings

When it comes to high performance protective coatings, no other manufacturer can offer systems that are as effective against harsh environmental conditions as those offered by Acrymax Technologies. Damaging forces such as rain, fog, snow, heat, and the sun degrade the surfaces of roofs, walls, and other exterior surfaces. Without the protection of chemical resistant corrosion control coatings, metal surfaces in industrial plants corrode. Without the protection of proven concrete coatings, floors are abraded by foot and vehicular traffic and damaged by oil or chemical spills. When an asphalt roof lacks the moisture and thermal protection provided by an elastomeric, liquid acrylic cool roofing system, UV light and other roofing damage can occur. The list of potential maintenance problems is long and costly; so protect not only vulnerable architectural and industrial surfaces, but your pocket as well, with high-performance protective coatings, elastomeric acrylic roof coatings, epoxy paints, and more.


According to a 2002 study conducted by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, the total annual cost of corrosion was a staggering $276 billion – approximately 3 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. Factor in the costs associated with roof maintenance, roof leaks, failed concrete, and rotted wood, and we are looking at a significant drain on resources. That is why the protective maintenance coatings of Acrymax are formulated to withstand the harshest of environmental

conditions. No matter how heavy the abrasion or the chemical exposure, Acrymax waterproof masonry, epoxy, urethane, roof, and protective coatings are engineered to protect your assets, stop corrosion, and prevent further surface deterioration. Additionally, our maintenance coatings not only protect the surfaces of your walls, floors, and roofs, but can also be used to enhance the appearance of the object or structure that is painted with aesthetic coating options.



Protective Coatings Formulated to Outlast and Outperform

Our large selection of high-performance paints and coatings is useful for a variety of applications that range from light-duty industrial maintenance to heavy-duty coatings designed to endure the harshest environmental conditions. With proven formulas based on acrylic, epoxy, and urethane coating technologies, Acrymax maintenance coatings provide the best in impact and abrasion resistance, thermal and moisture protection, corrosion control, chemical resistance, waterproofing, and protection against UV degradation.


To get the most out of your protective coating or coating system and to prevent corrosion of steel and deterioration of other substrates, a proven maintenance system is needed. Key steps include:

• Assessment of conditions

• Selection of appropriate coating system

• Proper preparation of surfaces to be

• Proper application of coating system

• Inspection of applied coating system

• Periodic maintenance of the
applied coating system


*The Steel Structures and Painting Council (SSPC) provides a variety of helpful documents to help facility operators select, specify, apply, and inspect paint and coating systems.


The challenge for anyone looking for the best protective or maintenance coating is to understand all factors affecting a successful project. This holds true for all fluid-applied maintenance, elastomeric roofing, and wall coating applications.  Whether you are a building owner tired of repairing repeat roof leaks, a plant manager in need of a chemically resistant coating system, an owner of an historic property in need of roofing restoration, or an energy-conscious individual looking into ENERGY STAR®-qualified reflective cool roofing alternatives, one thing is certain: Acrymax is the resource for superior quality coatings and expert technical advice. For your next maintenance and painting project, consult Acrymax for solutions that you can count on.


Maintenance Coatings


Every coating project is different, so you should deal with an experienced coating company that offers flexible, high performance waterborne coating solutions for nearly any application. At Acrymax, that’s part of our motto, and part of every product we manufacture – including elastomeric cool roof coatings for metal, cold process systems for recovering asphalt roofs, historic roofing restoration products, waterproof masonry and concrete coatings, and reflective ENERGY STAR®-qualified roofing systems. But we are also proud to offer a wide array of specialty industrial coatings, unique protective architectural coatings, and customized OEM products. Acrymax coatings have been launched into space and sent deep beneath the sea, so contact us today for your next specialty project.