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A Legacy of Performance

Elastomeric materials are used for countless applications in our daily lives. In fact it is hard to imagine a world without elastomers.


It was in 1839 that Charles Goodyear became the first American to discover the “vulcanization” process for rubber. He patented the process 5 years later. The vulcanization of rubber revolutionized the rubber industry and helped fuel the industrial revolution. The uses and applications for rubber and elastomers have expanded ever since. Goodyear said of rubber that “there is probably no other inert substance which so excites the mind." The possibilities are endless.


Fast forward to 1951. After serving in the Navy during World War II and then graduating from The University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Chemical Engineering, Karl Bennung founded our company. Intrigued by the emerging technology of synthetic rubbers such as Neoprene and Hypalon® he decided to specialize in elastomeric coatings and materials. At the same time he made an unwavering commitment to quality that became the foundation upon which our company has been built.


Originally named Chemical Coatings & Engineering Co., Inc. our company has built a reputation for quality coatings and related elastomeric products backed by exceptional service and support. The integrity and dedication of our people over the past 6 decades has enabled us to become highly respected in the coatings industry. In 1994 our company was renamed Acrymax Technologies. Our firm has since evolved to become a leader in high performance waterborne coatings based on state-of-the-art acrylic technology.




Acrymax Technologies Inc. has been formulating and marketing protective solutions for our customers since 1951. The ensuing decades have seen many changes in the coatings industry. Advances in polymer technology have improved coating performance and the environmental movement has driven the development of environmentally responsible waterborne coatings. We currently serve the construction, aerospace, marine, and industrial coatings markets and provide waterborne coating solutions for a wide range of challenging applications.  


We listen to and collaborate with our customers to engineer coating solutions that fulfill their needs and exceed their expectations.  Our products enjoy a reputation for high quality and exceptional performance. The experience we have gained in over half a century in business lets our customers rest assured that they will get knowledgeable advice and coating solutions that work.


Specializing in elastomeric coatings and materials we have supplied standard and customized coating formulations to meet many unique performance requirements including:

• Fluid-applied elastomeric roof systems for countless commercial, industrial, residential and historic structures

• Weatherproofing materials for masonry walls

• A protective coating used on the solid fuel booster rockets of NASA's Space Shuttle.

• Neoprene rubber coatings for marine applications

• A vibration damping material for NORAD at Cheyenne Mountain.

• Protective coatings used on military weapon systems including the HARM missile

• Adhesives used for lining a 150-acre phosphate mining evaporation pond in Utah

• Fluoropolymer sealants used on the Trident Nuclear Submarines

• Protective coatings for use on the Minuteman rockets

• Cool Roof Systems




We were “cool” before cool was hot!

Cool roofing has become a “hot topic” in the construction industry, but long before they were “cool” Acrymax was manufacturing reflective roof coatings. In fact we have manufactured reflective white roof coatings since the 1950’s when we introduced our Hypalon® based reflective “cool” roof coatings. Since then our high performance elastomeric roof coatings and fluid applied systems have been used on millions of square feet of roofing.


Coatings designed with Integrity
The Greek Philosopher Heraclitus is quoted as saying that “Your integrity is your destiny — it is the light that guides your way.”  At Acrymax we believe that honesty and integrity provides the basis upon which we will continue to build our legacy of performance in the coatings industry. Contact Acrymax and experience “Flexible solutions in High-Performance Coating Systems”.


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