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Reducing Energy Costs with Energy Efficient Coatings

Like any construction or renovation project, adding an energy efficient elastomeric roof or wall coating to your home requires an investment of time and money. But unlike most renovation projects, this one can actually pay for itself down the road, thanks to significant energy savings. At Acrymax Technologies, we offer a wide variety of high performance roofing systems, elastomeric wall coatings, high-performance paints, waterborne architectural coatings, and other fluid-applied coating solutions for nearly any application. But when it comes to reducing energy costs, Acrymax products are unmatched in the coating industry.


The most significant energy savings can be achieved with Acrymax ENERGY STAR®-qualified, reflective “cool” roof coatings. Acrymax “cool” roof coatings create a reflective shield on nearly any roof – including metal roofs, asphalt roofs, concrete roofs, and other roof types. Acrymax roof coatings are equally at home on a new roof or an historic roofing restoration project – reflecting heat from the sun instead of allowing it to seep into the structure. By reducing roof surface temperatures Acrymax elastomeric “cool” roof coatings can drastically reduce the amount of energy required to cool the structure, literally paying for itself in the form of lower energy bills.


ENERGY STAR®-Qualified Cool Roof Coatings from Acrymax

Created by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the ENERGY STAR® program identifies and qualifies energy efficient products. Products bearing the ENERGY STAR® logo promise to reduce energy costs and offer a significant return on investment.


man spraying coatingAt Acrymax, we take great pride in the fact that our cool roof coatings qualify for the ENERGY STAR® logo. Our ENERGY STAR®-qualified “cool” roof coatings provide unmatched moisture and thermal protection and exceptional long term performance. These coatings reflect the heat from the sun, can reduce energy costs by as much as 25 percent in some locations, and could even make possible the use of smaller and less-expensive HVAC systems. They also create a waterproof roof membrane that can eliminate the need for costly roof maintenance projects and the constant repair of roof leaks. The need for frequent roof waterproofing becomes a thing of the past with long lasting Acrymax roof coatings and roof systems.


Reflective Wall Coatings for an Energy Efficient Home

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The government warns consumers to be careful when considering energy-related claims for home products. In the coatings industry there are some companies that make unfounded claims that “space-age” ceramic additives provide insulating value to their coatings. Those considering these types of coatings should check out, where they can learn more about the Federal Trade Commission’s position on these claims. The Department of Energy has also found that these additives do not add insulating properties to coatings. With that said there are legitimate energy savings that can be realized by using light colored and reflective wall coatings. Acrymax elastomeric wall coatings are available in a range of light reflective colors. Formulated to reflect the sun's heat, these coatings lower exterior wall surface temperatures compared to traditional paints in non-reflective colors. Lower exterior surface temperatures mean lower interior temperatures and savings on cooling costs. The benefits of these reflective wall coatings will be greatest in southern climates where cooling costs are significant. Reductions in cooling costs and wall surface temperatures will vary based on color of the wall coating, geographical location, and substrate type. In some northern climates, there may actually be a heating penalty. Another energy saving benefit of Acrymax elastomeric wall coatings is that they can seal air leaks and cracks in the wall that lead to energy loss.


Environmentally Responsible Coatings

In addition to our ENERGY STAR®-qualified reflective roof coatings, Acrymax also offers architectural coatings, and other environmental protective paints and coatings that are not only energy efficient, but also friendly to the environment, thanks largely to their waterborne formulations. As a testament to our eco-friendly business practices, Acrymax is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, which promotes sustainability in the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of environmentally friendly buildings.


A One-Stop Source for All Types of Coating Solutions

At Acrymax, we are committed to helping our customers achieve energy efficiency. Our experienced specialists are available to answer all your questions and provide the technical support necessary to get the job done right. We make the process as seamless as possible for our customers.


We offer a wide variety of coating products, including acrylic concrete primers and sealers; waterproof masonry coatings; elastomeric concrete deck coatings; rust inhibitive primers and coatings; protective polymer roofing systems; and a multitude of specialty coatings for even the most extreme applications. Contact Acrymax today to see how our products, service, and experience can help you with all of your future high performance coating needs.



Since the day it was founded in 1951, Acrymax Technologies has been providing builders, homeowners, contractors, and other customers with high performance coating solutions – including protective roofing and coating systems, waterproof masonry and concrete coatings, and other high performance waterborne coatings. Acrymax serves as a one-stop source for specialty coatings, polymer architectural coatings, paint, and liquid acrylic roof coating solutions, such as our ENERGY STAR®-rated reflective “cool” roofing systems. At Acrymax, we understand that every home, building, or historic structure is different, and we provide a coating solution for nearly any application.