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Custom Formulations

For almost 6 decades we have formulated and manufactured coatings for a wide range of applications and a variety of clients. We specialize in elastomeric coatings and our experience with these materials is second to none. With the growing demand for environmentally responsible coatings we are now focusing our efforts on developing innovative waterborne coatings for demanding applications.   image of beakers


When our company was founded in 1951 our name was Chemical Coatings & Engineering. Since the early days our goal has always been to provide the very best coatings for our customers. As our name implied we worked from the outset to “engineer” our coatings to meet the specific needs of our clients. With our focus shifting towards environmentally responsible waterborne acrylic coatings in the late 1970’s we eventually changed our name to Acrymax Technologies Inc in 1994. So that we would still convey our commitment to a problem solving approach to the protective coatings needs of our clients we included “technologies” in our name. Technology is defined as the “use of scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.” Solving problems with high-performance coatings is what we do!


image of paint bucketsColor matching is the most requested custom service. However, that is but one of the things that we do. A good example of our approach to custom formulating is our work with the manufacturer of the solid fuel booster rockets for the space shuttle program. When they needed an elastomeric coating to replace a high VOC solvent based coating they contacted several manufacturers of elastomeric coatings and asked them to submit coatings for evaluation. We submitted a product based on an acrylic elastomer that we felt would meet their needs and we also made them aware of our willingness and ability to customize or “engineer” our coating to meet their specific requirements. As the testing of the coatings progressed it became apparent that the coating we had submitted was the superior product for their application. However, the application characteristics of the product were not quite what they wanted. Based on their feedback we customized the elastomeric coating and developed a low viscosity formulation to meet their application requirements.


Advanced technologies are producing coating additives that represent some of the most exciting and innovative components of high performance coatings. Performance enhancing additives can dramatically alter the performance properties, application characteristics, and other features of coatings. Anti-microbial coatings represent a fast growing segment of the coatings industry and Acrymax is using unique nanotechnology additives to develop coatings for this market that will offer exceptional performance.


Challenge us with your next custom formulating challenge. Acrymax is committed to formulating and manufacturing coatings that meet the most demanding performance requirements. We strive to meet and exceed expectations with nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.


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