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Coatings for Protection, Functionality, and Decoration

A paint or coating is defined as a liquid, liquefiable, or mastic composition designed for application to a substrate as a thin layer which is converted to an adherent film after application. Paints and coatings are used to protect, decorate, or add functionality to an object or surface. Sometimes a coating or paint provides more than one of these functions. Paints and coatings contain specific ingredients that all play a role in their performance properties including durability and final appearance. You should choose paints or coatings that are formulated for the job you’re doing and that provide the performance properties you need. Acrymax manufactures a range of high performance coatings for architectural and industrial applications. Our coating systems are used in the architectural, marine, aerospace, and OEM markets. We offer a range of standard coatings and also offer custom formulating to meet the specific needs of our customers.


Acrymax Coatings Provide Protection

Paints and coatings provide protection from abrasion, chemical attack, UV light, and a variety of other environmental factors. A variety of polymers are utilized in paints and coatings that offer different properties and are used to protect different surfaces. Epoxies are used to protect concrete floors, acrylic elastomeric roofs and wall coatings of buildings from the elements. Other polymers commonly used in protective coatings include fluoropolymers, polyureas, and urethanes. High performance coatings are highly effective in protecting equipment and building components.


Get the Functionality you need with Acrymax Coatings

A wide range of functional characteristics can be provided by paints and coatings. White roof and wall coatings provide reflectivity and energy savings, non-skid paints are used to prevent slipping, paint color is used to identify hazards, and chemical resistance is improved by coatings. All this and more can be done with a properly formulated paint or coating. New technologies such as IR-reflective pigments can be incorporated into paints and coatings to provide “cool” roof coatings in colors other than white. Nanotechnology is providing unique pigments and additives that bring extraordinary functional properties to paints and coatings. The bottom line is that paints and coatings can be engineered to provide the functional properties needed to provide solutions for a wide range of demanding applications.


Decorate and Beautify with Acrymax Coatings

Painting or applying a decorative coating can quickly and dramatically transform the appearance of the object, building, wall, roof, or whatever else is coated. Textured coatings can hide imperfections. Color is an important part of our environment and customized paint color schemes can be used to provide a variety of effects. Anecdotal evidence suggests that paint colors can evoke a range of moods and emotions and recent scientific studies have born this out. From a marketing perspective, appearance is critical. How a product looks conveys an important message about its value, quality, and and performance expectations, so choose your paint colors well and bring out the best in the item painted and the best in those that are exposed to it.



Waterborne Coatings are Environmentally Responsible

In the late 1970s Acrymax made the commitment to move away from solvent based coating technology towards safer waterborne coating technologies. Companies are demanding coatings that meet EPA and state air quality standards. They also want coatings that are safe for their employees to use. However, performance is still critical and our goal is to engineer solutions to difficult coating problems with state-of-the-art waterborne coating technology. Waterborne coatings help meet sustainability goals and are environmentally responsible. In the architectural coatings market we support green building with our membership in the US Green Building Council.


Quality Coatings

Since 1951 Acrymax has been committed to providing coatings of the highest quality. We endeavor to improve the performance of our coating systems at every opportunity. It’s a tough world out there. Buildings, ships, equipment, and even the Space Shuttle require high performance coatings – surface treatments that will provide the ultimate in strength, flexibility, stability, durability, adhesion and protection. We have built a reputation in the coatings industry as one of the premier companies specializing in elastomeric coating materials. Utilizing only the highest quality raw materials and the most advanced coating technology, our products are formulated to meet the highest standards of quality. With decades of experience in the paint and coatings industry we offer superior coating materials backed by expert technical support. When quality is a priority, contact Acrymax!





Historic buildings are an important part of nearly any community, and must be treated with great care. At Acrymax, we understand this need and have developed an array of historic roofing restoration systems – including high performance waterborne coatings, elastomeric cool roofing systems, and metal or concrete roofing systems – that preserve and protect nearly any type of historic structure. As an industry leader in fluid applied roofing systems, liquid acrylic roof coatings, reflective ENERGY STAR®-qualified roof coatings, and products for routine maintenance such as waterproofing and repairing roof leaks, Acrymax can put its years of experience in the coating business to work for your next historic roofing restoration project.