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Flexible Solutions for Building Owners

Business owners are often so busy managing what goes on inside their buildings that they don’t fully realize the kind of beating Mother Nature is delivering to the outside of their buildings. Roof neglect leads to roof leaks that if allowed to continue can result in the need for costly roof replacement. Cracks in exterior masonry walls allow water to infiltrate the building envelope causing expensive damage. Unprotected metal surfaces corrode.  All in all it’s a tough world out there and your buildings need protection.



That’s where Acrymax Technologies comes in. Since its inception in 1951, Acrymax has worked with building owners to provide high performance elastomeric roof coatings, architectural coating systems, corrosion control coatings, maintenance coatings, waterproof masonry coatings, and countless other coating solutions for protecting buildings of all types, shapes, and sizes. And with Acrymax, you’re not just purchasing a pail of elastomeric coating, acrylic concrete sealer, or rust preventive coating, you’re getting a trusted team of experts to answer all your questions, evaluate your coating options, and even provide on-site assistance and project inspections. You also have access to a vast network of Acrymax-approved applicators to make sure the job is done right.


Roofing Systems and Protective Roof Coatings

Roof problems, roof leaks, and water damage can quickly cause nightmares for any building owner. Constantly fixing roof leaks is not only annoying, but costly as well. Roof replacement is extremely expensive and disruptive. Acrymax provides solutions that not only solve roof problems, but help prevent them as well. By solving roof problems and extending roof life, Acrymax allows building owners and managers to rest easy knowing that their roof will provide the waterproof protection it is designed for. Acrymax offers a wide array of protective roof coating solutions, including reflective cool roof coatings, reinforced roof membrane systems, single-ply roof coating systems, metal roof coatings, and systems for asphalt roofs. Whether it’s a commercial roof project, an historic roofing restoration project, or an ENERGY STAR® qualified elastomeric roofing system to reduce energy costs, Acrymax offers it all.


Protective and Architectural Coatings

In addition to roofing materials , Acrymax offers a wide range of coatings and coating systems for a variety of other applications. These include masonry wall coatings, concrete floor sealers and coatings, deck waterproofing systems, corrosion control and many others. In fact we are often called on to develop a coating system to meet specific application or project criteria. “Flexible Solutions in High-Performance Coating Systems” is our motto and we work hard every day to provide solutions to our clients problems.


Coating solutions with expert technical support

With such a wide variety of protective coating solutions, Acrymax understands that building owners may be overwhelmed by the decisions before them. That’s why we provide a team of experts to help evaluate your roof coating, elastomeric wall coating, protective coating, or architectural coating needs, answering all your questions to make the process as painless as possible. We can even provide an Acrymax-approved applicator to complete the job, followed by a thorough inspection by Acrymax experts to assure that everything is done correctly.


Energy efficient “Cool” Roof Coatings save Money

Even if your roof is not leaking and maintenance doesn’t appear to be necessary, there may still be a protective roof coating solution that will pay for itself over and over again. Acrymax is an industry leader in reflective “cool,” elastomeric roof coating systems, which can reduce the temperature of nearly any roof, drastically cutting energy costs and save building owners money. ENERGY STAR® qualified for their energy efficiency, Acrymax fluid-applied, waterborne roof coatings and roof membrane systems are as easy to apply as a coat of paint, and friendly to the environment, building occupants and the applicator. Building owners and managers that put cool roof technologies into service can benefit from optimal roof performance and in addition to saving on their energy bills they may qualify for rebates from government agencies and utilities.


The Perfect Coating Solution for any Building Owner

At Acrymax, we have become a leader in the protective coating industry – but we have more than just our wide selection of high performance coating solutions to thank. With such a large focus on customer service, Acrymax has become a source for building owners, contractors, homeowners, and architects alike. From choosing the right coating option, through application, inspection, and maintenance, Acrymax is unmatched in the world of protective coatings. Contact us today to find out why.



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Acrymax Technologies not only offers a wide variety of coating solutions – including ENERGY STAR® roof coatings, cold process and metal roof coatings, roofing paint, and architectural coating systems – but each of those coatings comes complete with the expert service that Acrymax customers have come to expect. Not only will our engineers and experts help you choose the right high performance waterborne coating, liquid acrylic cool roofing system, or architectural coating, but they can also help with on-site inspections and quality assurance. At Acrymax, each of our products comes complete with the expertise that has made us an industry leader in elastomeric roof coatings, waterproof masonry coatings, and specialty coating solutions.