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Acrymax and The Academy of Music Restoration Project

Many industries across the country were hit especially hard during the pandemic, including the Arts and Entertainment sphere. The ban on large group gatherings and extended closures of performance venues created a challenging time for everyone involved. Throughout this time the need for maintenance and upkeep of the buildings that are the venues for the performing arts did not take a break.

The Academy of Music on Broad Street in Philadelphia, PA

One such building that felt the effects over the past two years was the historic Academy of Music building, located at 240 S. Broadway in Philadelphia, nestled within the Avenue of the Arts area in Center City. The hall was built between 1855 – 1857 and is the oldest opera house in the United States that is still operating for its original purpose. Known as the “Grand Old Lady of Locust Street”, the famous hall was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1962 and placed on the Historic Register in 1963.

Peeling paint, corrosion, and general deterioration of the cupola was extensive.

Because of the age and significance of this historic structure, restoration projects are abundant and ongoing to address crucial upgrades to the building’s systems. Several exterior components, including the paint on the terne-metal-clad cupola, the cupola’s finial, and the cladding, needed protection. The Acrymax team knew they could assist with this project.

The cupola with Acrymax coatings applied in custom colors is ready to face the elements and will be protected for decades to come.

Scott Bennung, President of Acrymax, a company located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, stated, “Being from the Philadelphia area, I have had the good fortune of attending events at the Academy of Music. In addition to the great performances, I have also enjoyed the history of the venue and the architecture that makes the building special. We are proud that our architectural coatings were specified to help preserve this historic icon.”

The Academy of Music was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1963.

Each year, Acrymax enjoys giving back to the community in some way, and last year we chose to donate to the Academy of Music to help them get through these challenging times. Acrymax proudly stepped up and provided our innovative technologies that would protect the building’s historic fabric. This included our state of the art field applied coating based on Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resin—the AF-4400 Fluoropolymer Coating. Fluoropolymer coatings provide exceptional performance properties.


Eric Bennung, Vice President and Product Engineer, added, “As a local company, it was very satisfying to be involved with this project. Every project has its unique aspects, and we worked closely with WJE providing them with the information they needed to specify a robust coating system based on Acrylic and Fluoropolymer technologies. We are confident the system specified will provide the performance that is demanded for decades to come.”


After project completion, Jeff Levine, The Academy of Music’s building consultant, shared this final sentiment, “Throughout the entire specification process and application, Acrymax’s technical representative provided outstanding guidance and support. We could not be happier with their high-performance solutions that offer outstanding weatherability and durability when preserving this remarkable building.”

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