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International Roof Coatings Conference

I was able to attend the International Roof Coatings Conference for the last two days. It was held in Baltimore, MD and was hosted by the Roof Coatings Manufactures Association (RCMA). I found the conference very informative and interesting with topics ranging from policy oriented issues to technical information on new products by raw material manufacturers and accelerated testing procedures.

I especially enjoyed the presentations regarding the RoofPoint rating program by the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing and product presentations by Dow Chemical and Arkema.

RoofPoint is able provide a guideline for sustainability in roofing where other systems like LEED may come up short. This is because LEED is generally focused full project certification. However, close 75% of roofing project in the US are retrofit type applications and of that 75%, a significant portion are solely focused on roofing. The RoofPoint program was built with this understanding and delves into roofing design practices that are sustainable but may not qualify for an individual LEED point.

On the product side, Dow Chemical focused on one of their new resins and its adhesion to Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) while Arkema focused on their waterborne Fluoropolymer coating

Eric Bennung


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