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See you Later: Marketing Assistant Departs Acrymax

This is my last day at Acrymax. I am Rachel Bennung and have been working as the marketing assistant with Acrymax since early December. I have been the one responsible for all the “exciting” blogs over the last several months. I hope you enjoyed reading them!

This isn’t the first time I have worked for Acrymax. I previously worked for Acrymax during high school and then again last year for my college internship. After working several other jobs, I came back in December with the roll of marketing assistant. Each time I have worked here I have learned something new about the business. Being a marketing assistant, I was able to see firsthand how and if my marketing initiatives including direct mail, e-mail newsletters, and the blog have worked. I also enjoyed working the NMFT tradeshow in Baltimore.

It has been interesting to learn from my father, Scott Bennung, the president of Acrymax what it takes to run a successful small business. It is cool to think that I am part of the 3rd generation involved in the business that my grandfather started in 1951. While I am moving on, the 3rd generation will be well represented by my brother Eric who is Vice President of the company.

On a final note, my father and brother insisted that I couldn’t leave for my next job until I made a batch of coating. So yesterday off to the lab I went. Under their close supervision, I made a small batch of paint. It was pretty cool to see how a quality coating is put together.

I will take all my experience from Acrymax and apply it to all my ventures in life. Next stop, teaching sailing on the Jersey shore.

So for now I say goodbye to Acrymax, but you never know I might be back! Maybe marketing and selling our great products in the Caribbean.

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