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Acrymax Releases Roof Coating Systems Containing Recycled Content

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012


Acrymax Technologies, Inc. specializes is elastomeric coating systems with an emphasis on the built environment.

We have recently released ARS-1R, a composite elastomeric roof coating system containing recycled content. High-strength polyester fabric and elastomeric acrylic roof coatings are used to form a composite membrane system that is waterproof. ARS-1R has benefits commonly associated with Acrymax roof coating systems, such as high reflectivity and excellent durability, but it also contains over 40% recycled content.

Recycled Content Elastomeric Roof Coating

The recycled content utilized is primarily a post-industrial glass material; additionally, iron oxide derived from iron-rich sludge from abandoned mine-shafts is used to boost the sustainability of this coating system.

For more information, contact Acrymax Technologies directly.


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