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What is the Best Application Equipment?

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

So now you have the product with which you plan to coat your roof. How should I apply those coatings and what equipment will I need?

In this blog, we will talk about the different equipment you can use, and where they are most applicable.

Brief summary:

  • Brushing is suitable for small areas, edges or corners.
  • Rollers are useful on larger and relatively flat surfaces.
  • Spraying is best for large areas, but also works very well on irregular shapes.

Brushing is slower than other methods of paint or coating application. So you would mainly use brushes for small areas and cutting in corners or edges. Generally you want to use a good synthetic bristle brush.

Rollers are great for use of large and flat areas. They don’t require as much skill as spraying. Rollers are not as effective in applying paint evenly. You have to be careful with application using a roller you can produce unintentional roller marker or a “stipple” effect. Generally for latex paints such as Acrymax you should use synthetic fiber covers.

Airless spray is great for covering large areas but requires more skill to use. When you use airless spray you need to first choose the tip you will be using. For more information on what is required in choosing the spray tip click here. While spraying you typically want to hold the sprayer so the tip is 10-12 inches from the surface. The secret to good spray painting is to apply even coats.

You may need to use more than one method to complete your job. Make sure you use the correct equipment for the best results.

Click here for more information on application equipment and recommendations for specific Acrymax Coatings.

Attention: Building Owners – Schedule your roof inspection today!

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Unfortunately they may bring roof leaks as well.

Winter is tough on your roof. The damage the harsh weather can cause and the roof leaks that result can cause serious harm to your building. Your roof should be inspected at least 2 times per year (or more) and it is wise to schedule inspections in the Spring and the Fall. You should also inspect your roof after the occurrence of significant weather events that may have damaged your roof.

Visual inspections of your roof should include:

  • Inspection of roof membrane, flashings, roof drains, gutters, and other components of the roofing system for any damage that may have occurred.
  • Identification of conditions that may affect the long-term performance of the roof.
  • Development of list of corrective actions needed.

Most damage can be easily repaired with Acrymax coatings. Applying Acrymax coatings in combination with fabric reinforcement can seal cracks, repair flashings, and fix other roof problems.

  • Acrymax elastomeric coatings including AF-130BC and AF-130 are available in 1 gallon or 5 gallon pails.
  • AF-315 is a unique heavy bodied fibrated material that is especially useful for roof repairs. AF-315 is also available in 1 and 5 gallon pails.
  • Poly-1 reinforcement fabric is available in 4”, 6”, 12”, 18”, and 40” widths and varying lengths.
  • Another great product for roof repair is Eternabond. We offer this self stick tape with reinforcement in 4”, 6”, or 12” widths.

Roof inspections are a critical first step in keeping your roof in shape. So check out your roof today! If you would like us to recommend an Acrymax approved applicator to inspect your roof give us a call at 800-553-0523.

Spring is Here: Coating System Installation

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Part 3 of 3

With the first day of spring, we want to focus on coating system installation and specifically on weather!

Spring is a great time to apply coatings, but like anytime of the year, applicators should be conscientious of the weather. Waterborne coatings require good exterior painting conditions. At a minimum, you will want 24 hours of 45 F temperatures and no rain/dew in the forecast.

A Few Do’s & Don’ts

  • Avoid freezing temperatures
  • Don’t take chances with rain or dew
  • Be observant of the weather conditions as they can quickly change
  • In very warm or cold temperatures, apply coatings in multiple thinner applications rather than 1 or 2 heavy applications.

Remember that spring is one of the heaviest seasons for pollen! This may deposit on your roof and needs to be cleaned off between coats

For a complete recommendation on weather conditions, please see ATB-101.

Please explore the previous segments in our lead up to spring, roof systems selection & preparation.

Spring is on the Way: Prepare for Coating

Monday, March 4th, 2013

We’re getting closer; only 17 days now until spring! In our last blog we talked about Roof System Selection. This week we want to focus on preparation. Preparation is one of the most important and critical steps for successful and long lasting roof coating applications.

You must make sure the preparation of the roof is done correctly to get the best results for a long lasting roof. First step in the preparation is removing all the dirt, debris, oils, and contaminants from the roof. This can be done by the following methods:

  • High Pressure washing
  • Vacuuming/Air-blowing
  • Mechanical cleaning

Beyond your standard contaminants (dirt, debris, etc.), your project may have contaminants that require more rigorous methods to remove.  Corrosion needs to be well prepared and may require wire brushing or other aggressive methods. Biological growth may require chemical cleaning additives. Certain surfaces like EPDM are generally wash-primed with products like Acrymax PR-101 in order to accept coatings.

Preparation is a crucial step in any coating system process and should be evaluated. This can be done with a tape test which involves applying masking tape to the surface, and then peeling off the tape. If there are contaminates on the tape that will interfere with adhesion of the coating, further cleaning or use of a primer are necessary. A primer is NOT a substitute for good preparation.

Acrymax Technical Bulletin ATB-103 describes preparation methods and how to evaluate the effectiveness of the preparation method used.

Check out our next blog on Coating System Installation.

Spring is on the Way: Roof System Selection

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Only 21 days till the first day of spring! Make your roof even better with preventive maintenance! Or give that neglected roof some TLC!

No matter your existing roof type, Acrymax has a coating system that will fit your needs. Selection of the base layer/primer to any coating system is crucial.

  • An existing asphalt roof should be initially sealed with AF-127 to lock up its chalky nature.
  • A metal substrate may be primed with our PC-125 or PC-535 for corrosion protection
  • Masonry surfaces generally are primed with AF-100 or AF-110 due to their porosity.
  • Single-ply roof like EDPM will be cleaned with PR-101 to promote adhesion, while TPO roofs have a specially designed elastomeric basecoat, AF-130TPO, for the same purpose.

After determining your substrate, the next step is to select the correct roofing system for your roofs condition. Acrymax offers three main systems from which to choose:

  • ARS-3 Protective Coating Systems
    The ARS-3 is protective coating system that will stabilize your current roofs condition. It can provide reflectivity and architectural color, but is designed for roofs that are good to excellent condition (i.e. no leaks).
  • ARS-2 Partially Reinforced Roof Systems
    The ARS-2 partially reinforced protective coating system stops roof leaks by targeting critical areas (seams, flashing details, transitions) on the roof with fabric reinforcement. The hybrid nature of this system allows for ARS-2 systems to be engineered for the needs of specific project. Typically used for roofs in fair to good condition.
  • ARS-1 Fully Reinforced Roof Membrane Systems 
    ARS-1 is Acrymax’s most comprehensive approach to a roof coating system, providing complete reinforcement to the entire roof surface. This system wills “put-to-bed” issues for years to come. Generally used as a recovery system for roofs in poor to fair condition, but this system also has applications in new construction as well.

Check out the Roofing Systems to find more information on the systems to use for your particular type of roof.

Check out our next blog article on Preparation of your roof.

Acrymax to exhibit at NFMT: National Facilities Management & Technology Conference

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Acrymax will be exhibiting at the 2013 NFMT Conference. NFMT is one of the largest events for facilities management professionals in the United States. This conference is interactive and filled with the latest products, services, technologies, and solutions for facilities management. Acrymax will be located in the Greentech Pavilion and will be featuring our “Green” roof systems. These include Energy Star Reflective Roof Coatings and our roof systems containing recycled content. We can help you meet government and organizational goals for purchasing environmentally preferable products. Stop by to see the latest in “Green” coating technology from Acrymax Technologies.

NFMT will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center March 12-14, 2013. This event is fast approaching and sure to be a great event to attend. For more information on the visit our website at

We hope to see you there!

For more information and to register for the show visit It’s Free!

Acrymax Joins Cool Roof Rating Council

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Cool roofing has become a hot topic as of late. Frankly, we find all the current interest to be somewhat amusing since Acrymax has been manufacturing and supplying reflective cool roof coatings since the late 1950’s. You could say that we were ahead of the curve by about 45 years! In any event we are pleased to announce that we have now joined CRRC, The Cool Roof Rating Council, and have submitted our range of reflective roof coatings for testing and listing.

CRRC is a non-profit organization that was created for evaluating and labeling the solar reflectance and thermal emittance of roofing products and to disseminate this information to interested parties such as architects, government agencies, roofing contractors, and others involved in the roofing industry.

CRRC has three goals for radiative energy performance:

  • Implement and communicate
  • Support research
  • Provide education

A main part of CRRC is their Product Rating Program. In this program roofing products that are tested under a strict program administered by the CRRC can be labeled with radiative property values set by CRRC.

Since the 1950’s Acrymax has been formulating, manufacturing, and marketing high performance coating systems. Acrymax provides their customers with the highest quality products and promotes the principals of environmental sustainability with their products and practices. Information about CRRC can be found at


Sustainable Coating Systems for the Building Envelope

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Eric Bennung, Product Development Engineer for Acrymax, recently was a featured speaker at the Ecobuild America Exhibition in Washington D.C.. Eric talked about Acrymax’s high performance coating systems and how they can contribute to a sustainable future.

Eric’s presentation focused on case histories that showed how Acrymax can help to achieve sustainability goals. The topics focused on for a sustainable future were:

  • Cool roofing
  • Recycled content 
  • Building reuse 
  • Durability


To download Eric’s Presentation: High Performance Coating Systems, Providing Sustainable Solutions for The Building Envelope visit

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 17th, 2012

One of the real joys of the Holiday Season is the opportunity to say thank you and to wish you the very best for the New Year.

All of us here at Acrymax wish you a joyous holiday season and a New Year of peace and happiness. We look forward to working with you in 2013!

Holiday Schedule

Acrymax will be closed the week of December 24th 2012.

We will reopen on January 2nd 2013.

If there is an emergency and you need to reach us please call 610-566-7473 or e-mail

Acrymax Releases Roof Coating Systems Containing Recycled Content

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012


Acrymax Technologies, Inc. specializes is elastomeric coating systems with an emphasis on the built environment.

We have recently released ARS-1R, a composite elastomeric roof coating system containing recycled content. High-strength polyester fabric and elastomeric acrylic roof coatings are used to form a composite membrane system that is waterproof. ARS-1R has benefits commonly associated with Acrymax roof coating systems, such as high reflectivity and excellent durability, but it also contains over 40% recycled content.

Recycled Content Elastomeric Roof Coating

The recycled content utilized is primarily a post-industrial glass material; additionally, iron oxide derived from iron-rich sludge from abandoned mine-shafts is used to boost the sustainability of this coating system.

For more information, contact Acrymax Technologies directly.


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