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Acrymax and The Academy of Music Restoration Project

Thursday, June 9th, 2022

Many industries across the country were hit especially hard during the pandemic, including the Arts and Entertainment sphere. The ban on large group gatherings and extended closures of performance venues created a challenging time for everyone involved. Throughout this time the need for maintenance and upkeep of the buildings that are the venues for the performing arts did not take a break.

The Academy of Music on Broad Street in Philadelphia, PA

One such building that felt the effects over the past two years was the historic Academy of Music building, located at 240 S. Broadway in Philadelphia, nestled within the Avenue of the Arts area in Center City. The hall was built between 1855 – 1857 and is the oldest opera house in the United States that is still operating for its original purpose. Known as the “Grand Old Lady of Locust Street”, the famous hall was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1962 and placed on the Historic Register in 1963.

Peeling paint, corrosion, and general deterioration of the cupola was extensive.

Because of the age and significance of this historic structure, restoration projects are abundant and ongoing to address crucial upgrades to the building’s systems. Several exterior components, including the paint on the terne-metal-clad cupola, the cupola’s finial, and the cladding, needed protection. The Acrymax team knew they could assist with this project.

The cupola with Acrymax coatings applied in custom colors is ready to face the elements and will be protected for decades to come.

Scott Bennung, President of Acrymax, a company located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, stated, “Being from the Philadelphia area, I have had the good fortune of attending events at the Academy of Music. In addition to the great performances, I have also enjoyed the history of the venue and the architecture that makes the building special. We are proud that our architectural coatings were specified to help preserve this historic icon.”

The Academy of Music was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1963.

Each year, Acrymax enjoys giving back to the community in some way, and last year we chose to donate to the Academy of Music to help them get through these challenging times. Acrymax proudly stepped up and provided our innovative technologies that would protect the building’s historic fabric. This included our state of the art field applied coating based on Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resin—the AF-4400 Fluoropolymer Coating. Fluoropolymer coatings provide exceptional performance properties.


Eric Bennung, Vice President and Product Engineer, added, “As a local company, it was very satisfying to be involved with this project. Every project has its unique aspects, and we worked closely with WJE providing them with the information they needed to specify a robust coating system based on Acrylic and Fluoropolymer technologies. We are confident the system specified will provide the performance that is demanded for decades to come.”


After project completion, Jeff Levine, The Academy of Music’s building consultant, shared this final sentiment, “Throughout the entire specification process and application, Acrymax’s technical representative provided outstanding guidance and support. We could not be happier with their high-performance solutions that offer outstanding weatherability and durability when preserving this remarkable building.”

COVID-19 Response: Strong Precautions Taken But Acrymax Remains Open For Business

Friday, March 13th, 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has escalated to the level of a WHO defined pandemic with more than 135,000 confirmed cases world wide. In the the United States, the confirmed figure is over 1,200 and expected to rise.

Acrymax’s headquarters and manufacturing plant is located in Media, PA – adjacent to Montgomery & Philadelphia Counties, in which clusters of cases have been confirmed and identified.

As a manufacturer of materials critical to the aerospace, defense, construction, and other essential industries, Acrymax realizes its critical role in the supply change.

We will stay open for business and have instituted the following precautions:
  1. All non-manufacturing employees will work from home.
  2. Manufacturing staff working on site have been directed to follow CDC guidelines for social distancing during work related activities.
  3. Daily cleaning procedures at our facility have been increased, and our remaining staff have been trained on best practices for good hygiene.
  4. No outside vendor or internal Acrymax meetings will held in person. All meetings shall be video or phone conferences.
  5. Should any individual on staff show symptoms of COVID-19, they have been advised to stay home and contact their primary care physician for recommended steps.
  6. Staff have been encouraged to practice social distancing, symptom monitoring, and good hygiene protocols during their transit to and from work and limit exposure to only essential interactions outside of work.

We expect to continue to supply our customers with product on schedule. We are actively monitoring the situation in real-time. We are in constant communication with our upstream suppliers, and do not foresee any supply issues with obtaining raw materials to make our products. Acrymax has been proactive on this front for years by domestically and locally sourcing the majority of our raw materials. Having been in business since 1951, Acrymax has and will continue to weather uncertain times.

We all need to do our part during this difficult time to help our community – local, state, national and world.

These will be trying times, but we will get through them together. Acrymax is leading by example.

Reduce liability and increase safety. Repair your concrete floors with Acrymax EP-110 Epoxy Mortar

Sunday, January 5th, 2020

Reduce liability and increase safety. Repair your concrete floors now, with Acrymax’s Epoxy Mortar (EP-110):

Easy-to-use, 100% solids, epoxy mortar, concrete patching material.

A Quicker, Stronger Concrete Repair that will Last.

  • Quicker: Cures in a fraction of the time of traditional concrete/mortar repair
  • Stronger: Compression strength more than double (psi) of traditional commercial-grade concrete
  • Lasting: Repair will last since it won’t shrink and crack like traditional concrete/mortar repair

Recommended for:  heavy traffic areas, forklift traffic and steel wheel equipment production areas.

Schedule a demo at your facility and fix your cracks, now.

  • 2-gallon kit: $74.25
  • Coverage per unit: 8.62 sq. ft. @ 1/4″ and 17.24 sq. ft. @ 1/8

Acrymax Traffic Deck System

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

Acrymax is well known for our roof coatings, but this unique project showcases the use of our AF-135 wall coatings and our Traffic Deck System.

Completed by R. N DeMeck Roof Management Services, Inc. at at an outdoor casino deck in Northeastern PA, Acrymax coatings were utilized to waterproof and improve the aesthetics of the grandstands.

Our traffic deck systems can be used for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic and are typically installed on either concrete or plywood decks.

Acrymax to hold University of Kynar Event in June

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

Acrymax is scheduled to hold an event in conjunction with Arkema, Inc. in early June 2019 to highlight Acrymax’s products based on Arkema’s Kynar Aquatec® resin technology.

Details for the event are as follows:

  • Morning of June 4th
  • Philadelphia Marriott West (Conshohocken, PA)
  • 2 AIA LU (2 HSW and 1 SD)
  • Panel discussion with high performance coatings experts
  • Lunch and breakfast included

Registration for the event can be made here – Enrollment is limited.

We hope that you will join us to learn more about Kynar® PVDF technology from the world leader in fluoropolymer science, Arkema Inc. This training session will offer you the knowledge you need to properly specify superior performance coatings for architectural components.

Acrymax is a licensed manufacturer of fluoropolymer coatings formulated with the newest water-based, field-applied PVDF technology, Kynar Aquatec® resin.

Acrymax will spotlight specific applications and discuss the importance of effective project specifications including specifying the proper coating for the specific project, preparation methods, application conditions, and applicator qualifications.

Historic Preservation with AF-4400

Friday, October 5th, 2018

Completed in 2014 by Highclimbers Company, the waterproofing and preservation of the smoke stacks at the re-purposed Baltimore Power Plant is a testament to Acrymax & Preservation Products ( commitment to historic preservation.

The stacks were waterproofed used AF-315 and POLY-1 fabric, protected from corrosion using PC-535, and provided an exceptionally durable finish coat based on AF-4400.

AF-4400 is a field applied fluoropolymer coating based on Kynar Aquatec resin.

A great article was written about this project by CoatingsPro Magazine in 2017 -

Kynar Aquatec® is a registered trademark belonging to Arkema Inc.

Fort McHenry Rodman Cannon Restoration

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

In fall 2016, the National Park Service undertook the restoration and painting of the Rodney Cannons at Fort McHenry. These cannons were cleaned back to bare metal via a high pressure water jetting process and received a robust Acrymax coating system designed for corrosion control and color retention.

The primer of the system was PC-125 Rust Inhibitive Direct-to-Metal primer, the intermediate coat was PC-535 Rust Inhibitive DTM Elastomeric Coating, and then system was finished with two coat of AF-4400 Field Applied Fluoropolymer Coating.

Check out pictures of the project taken a year after install – the finish still looks excellent and will for years to come.


Volunteering in N. Philly: What’s cooler than being cool… White Coatings!

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

While some might want to shout “Ice Cold”, members of the Roof Coating Manufacturers’ Association (RCMA), the Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA), and several students from the University of Pennsylvania voiced their support for cooling roof top temperatures with coatings this past Monday.

Participating in a program called EnergyFit Philadelphia, these organizations and their members did more than use their voices. They visited the 1200 block of W. Seltzer Street in North Philadelphia and under supervision of a professional roofing crew installed coatings to about 20 homes. Volunteering his time, Eric Bennung, Vice President of Acrymax Technologies, was in attendance for this event.

Acrymax Technologies, Inc. was one of several RCMA organizations that donated coatings to the ECA for this program. Acrymax also offered guidance to the ECA in terms of the type of roof coating system and products utilized to provide the homeowner with the best long term option given the restraints of the EnergyFit project.

“Acrymax Is proud to donate to this great program in both time and materials,” said Bennung. “Programs like this not only gets the word out about the positive effects of white roof coatings in general, but they also genuinely help out specific homeowners make ends meet more effectively by saving them valuable money that would have otherwise spent on energy bills.


Southern Travels

Friday, February 26th, 2016

Last week our Vice President, Eric Bennung, traveled to Florida to attend the Roof Coating Manufacturers Association (RCMA) annual meeting and attend the International Roofing Expo (IRE) both held in Orlando, FL.

At the RCMA meetings, a new board was elected and the industry discussed regulatory concerns as well as current and potential future credits for use of reflective coating systems. There are many regional and energy company rebate programs currently available so be sure to consult Acrymax to ensure you are able to take advantage of available incentive and rebate programs for cool reflective coatings!

At the IRE, raw material suppliers and product manufactures showcased cutting edge products for the roofing industry – this ranged from shingles to coatings and from safety to raw materials. Of specific interest was the presentation by raw material suppliers of hybrid acrylic urethane technology for roof coatings. This may be something Acrymax adds to our line of coating in the near future.

From Orlando, Eric traveled to south Florida for some field evaluation of Acrymax coatings projects as well as other meetings. These projects involved use of Acrymax field-applied fluoropolymer coatings. One specific application was on walls in bright blue color. The project is currently under evaluation by the building owner, but the field evaluation is going well. They are most interested in excellent color retention – hence the selection of the fluoropolymer coatings. Their biggest challenge will be surface preparation of the existing surface for acceptance of a coating system.

On Friday February 19th, Eric continued on to the Bahamas, specifically Nassau. At the British Colonial Hilton hotel, he provided a lunch & learn presentation to 25+ Architects on the use of flexible protective coatings in a sustainable building envelope. The presentation was extremely well received with many questions asked. Eric also visited the job site of a project being completed with Acrymax coatings a short distance away from the downtown of Nassau. This concrete roof is receiving an Acrymax ARS-1-C50XT system.

Roof Coating Manufacturers Association: New Member & Summer Meeting

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

Acrymax Technologies, Inc. joined the Roof Coating Manufactures Association (RCMA) in early 2015. RCMA is the national trade association representing manufactures and suppliers of roof coatings. Additional information regarding the organization can be found on the RCMA website –

The RCMA held its Summer Meeting on July 13th – 15th in Washington, DC. Acrymax Technologies, Inc. was represented by Eric Bennung. The summer meeting agenda for the 1st two days of the meeting included sessions covering items from the recent Reflective Roof Coatings Institute (RRCI) and RCMA merger to the Energy Star Program to new regulations. On the 15th, RCMA members traveled to Capitol Hill for meetings with our congressional representatives.

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