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Flexible Solutions for Architects and Consultants

Architects and consultants have many important things to consider when designing a roof system or specifying a coating system. At Acrymax, we make it our mission to provide honest answers and effective solutions with high performance coating systems – including waterborne elastomeric roof coating systems, cool roof systems, architectural coating systems, wall coatings, and specialty coatings based on acrylic coating technology. When long-term performance is critical to your project, you should consider the experience of the manufacturer and the proven performance of the products to be specified. Acrymax has been providing coating solutions for more than 55 years. Experience like this is invaluable.


Acrymax has specialized in elastomeric systems for roofs and walls long before they became accepted as viable solutions. In fact, we have roofing projects where our fluid-applied roofing systems are still providing service after over 25 years of relentless physical attack from the elements. Acrymax has built a solid reputation as a manufacturer of superior quality coating systems for weatherproofing the building envelope. An architect we work with put it simply: “Acrymax works.” For your next roofing, wall coating, or specialty coating project, put our products and experience to work for you. You will be glad you did.


Experts to Answer Your Questions

As a leading manufacturer of elastomeric coating products, roof coating systems, and custom coating formulations for more than five decades, Acrymax has an experienced staff of professionals ready and willing to answer any questions. With Acrymax’s long history of proven performance, you know you’re getting more than just a quality coating system – you’re getting the right coating system and the support necessary to make sure it is applied correctly.  


Technical Support & On-site Inspection Services

Acrymax provides more than just product data for the roof coatings, architectural coatings, or protective coatings we offer. We back them up with unmatched service, honest answers, and trained experts who go on-site to assist architects or consultants to evaluate the various options offered by Acrymax high-performance coating systems. Our services include roof evaluations and inspections of other components of the building envelope. Furthermore, Acrymax offers progress inspections and final inspections of projects where our coating systems are used to insure that the job is done right.


Guideline Specifications

Acrymax provides guideline specifications for our roof coating systems including – Single-Ply Roofs, Asphalt Roofs, Metal Roofs, and Concrete Roofs. Specifications are also available for our elastomeric wall coating systems. We work closely with architects and consultants to make sure our products are specified correctly so that they provide the performance that your customers demand.


Quality Assurance

When you specify high performance coatings you want to make sure that you get the quality you expect. Acrymax takes great pride in our standards of quality. A testament to our commitment to quality is the fact that our coatings have been specified by NASA for use on the solid fuel booster rockets of the space shuttle. You can imagine the stringent quality requirements that we must conform with to be accepted as a supplier to this program. Furthermore, FM Global offers product certification and testing services that meet the highest national and international standards. Acrymax is proud to offer FM approved roof systems. As part of this approval, FM conducts yearly audits of our manufacturing facility to ensure compliance with strict quality control procedures.


Approved Applicators

Quality doesn’t end with the coating. Roof coating systems and high performance coatings need to be applied properly to achieve the desired results. The best coatings are only as good as the roofing or painting contractor that applies them. Acrymax has established alliances with top roofing and painting contractors that are committed to quality applications. Additionally, we also offer training for contractors that are unfamiliar with our coatings.


Energy Efficient, Sustainable, and Green Coating Technology

Whether it’s a cool roof system, a protective coating system, an elastomeric coating for an historic roofing restoration project, or specialty coating system, you can be assured that Acrymax will provide a sustainable coating solution that is kind to the environment. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Acrymax is committed to sustainable coating solutions, including ENERGY STAR®-qualified roof coatings and waterborne coatings, which are much safer for the applicators and the environment.


Solutions in High-Performance Coating Systems

If you’re an architect or consultant seeking the best in elastomeric roof coatings, fluid-applied roofing systems, cool roofing solutions, reinforced roofing systems, cold-process roofing systems, architectural coatings, or coatings to protect and weatherproof just about any component of the building envelope, Acrymax is the answer.



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Cool roofing and other energy efficient roof coating solutions have become an integral part of the construction and roofing industry at all levels. At Acrymax, we have been an industry leader in elastomeric reflective cool roof coatings for years, providing the best in moisture and thermal protection for any size project. Our ENERGY STAR® elastomeric roof coatings, high performance waterborne coatings, and other energy efficient roof coatings offer the best protection for your roof, while also helping to decrease energy costs.