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AIA/CES Program

As an AIA/CES Registered Provider, Acrymax Technologies has designed presentations to help architects, engineers, contractors, and other members of the architectural community to better understand high performance coatings and their place within the building community. This includes information on field performance, application processes, as well as specification recommendations, all of which are highlighted through specific case studies of successful real-world applications. In addition to gaining this useful knowledge, attendees also earn valuable AIA/CES learning units.


Acrymax programs are currently offered as in-house presentations at your facility given by an Acrymax Representative. To schedule a presentation, contact us at or call 800.553.0523.


Course Specifics

Please see the following list of courses currently offered by Acrymax:

Title: High Performance Coating Systems & Sustainability

Description: This course highlights the connection between high performance coatings and sustainability. Attendees will learn about engineered coatings solutions through real world case histories. Specific topics that will be covered include the urban heat island effect, resource efficiency, and product durability.

Length: 1 hour

Credits: 1 LU|HSW|SD

Outline: AIA Outline


At Acrymax Technologies, we understand that it is part of our duty to provide environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and eco-conscious products to homeowners, contractors, builders, and other customers. Acrymax not only provides the latest in reflective cool roof coatings, ENERGY STAR® roof coatings, liquid acrylic elastomeric roofing systems, and other energy efficient coating systems, but we are also a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). This organization promotes environmental sustainability in the construction, maintenance, and operation of all buildings and homes in the United States. By offering a wide array of environmental protective coating solutions, in addition to our high performance waterproof masonry coatings, cool roof coatings, and other fluid applied waterborne coatings, Acrymax promises the best in moisture and thermal protection, all while keeping an eye on the environment.