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Making History with High Performance Coatings

Mission Statement

Acrymax will provide innovative coating systems and roofing systems that offer high performance solutions for our customers. We will promote the principals of environmental sustainability with our products and practices. We will provide exceptional customer service while adhering to the basic principals of honesty and integrity that we believe are essential to successful relationships.


Acrymax Makes History

When the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) needed a high-performance protective coating for the insulation on the space shuttle’s solid rocket boosters, it picked Acrymax for the job. That’s no real surprise, however, because companies all over the world have trusted us since 1951. We work closely with our clients to provide solutions for the most difficult problems. Our substantial experience includes coating solutions that, even though they may be applied just like a coat of paint, run the gamut from the ordinary to the exotic.  Acrymax construction and architectural products, including our elastomeric roofing systems and coatings for roofs, walls, and other surfaces, have been the answer for countless building projects, from small homes to industrial facilities, schools, office buildings, warehouses and everything in between. In addition to roofing restoration projects, historic roofing applications, and other construction projects, our high performance polymer coatings have been used to solve countless unique and challenging problems on land and sea – and even into outer space.


Acrymax Products – By Land, Sea and Space

Just because Acrymax products have blasted off on the space shuttle and plunged into the deep on nuclear submarines doesn’t make them too good for your roof maintenance project. In fact, we only mention those unique applications to demonstrate how well our products hold up in extreme situations. Supplying superior quality products that work, like our fluid applied roofing systems and reflective and Energy Star™ roofing, has always been our top priority. Acrymax has provided solutions back on Earth – including cool roofs, marine and aerospace coatings, and high-performance waterproof roof coatings – for more than five decades.

• Elastomeric roof coatings, architectural coatings and liquid acrylic roofing and coating systems for thousands of commercial, residential, industrial, and historic structures

• Protective coating for the space shuttle’s solid rocket boosters

• Vibration dampening material for North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) headquarters deep inside Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado

• Materials to “fix” moon rocks brought back to Earth for examination

• Fluoropolymer sealants used on Trident nuclear submarines

• Protective coatings for American military weapon systems, such as the Minuteman rocket and HARM missile


A Solution for Every Problem

Whether you’re restoring an historic building with a protective roof coating, waterproofing a new or existing roof, repairing roof leaks, or working on something completely different, Acrymax will work with you to find the best solution. We offer fluid applied cool roofing systems, reflective and ENERGY STAR™ roofing systems, concrete coatings, routine roof maintenance products, moisture and thermal protection, cold process roofing, metal roof coatings, coatings for corrosion control, industrial coatings, specialty formulations,  and countless other solutions, all with a promise to back up our products with unparalleled service.


Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Acrymax may have a global reach, but it has always had a local focus . Based just outside Philadelphia, we are close enough to major shipping hubs to put Acrymax products in the hands of the world, and especially the northeastern United States.


After serving in the Navy and then earning a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, Karl Bennung founded Chemical Coatings & Engineering Company Inc. in 1951. From the outset the firm has specialized in elastomeric materials based on synthetic polymers. Now known as Acrymax Technologies, Inc. we continue the tradition of providing superior quality coating products, high performance solutions, and unparalleled technical support to clients locally, nationally, and internationally



About AcrymaxMission Statement and History


Elastomeric cool roofing coatings and other types of high performance waterborne coatings are critical to providing the best in moisture and thermal protection for homes of any shape or size. Despite that fact, many homeowners fail to consider roof maintenance and waterproofing, and only address problems with their roof after the roof leaks are becoming severe. At Acrymax Technologies, we offer a wide variety of elastomeric cool roofing coatings, concrete and metal roof coatings, and other products for do-it-yourself (DIY) residential roofing installation. Whether you’re simply repairing roof leaks, or installing one of our high performance, fluid-applied waterborne coating systems, Acrymax has the products and expertise to help you with your next do-it-yourself home repair project. For the best in moisture and thermal protection for your home, and the support any do-it-yourselfer needs, contact Acrymax today.